Optimizing sales by utilizing existing technologies

If you have worked in sales, you definitely know about the repetitive tasks and processes.

Common steps are:

Prospecting:  Finding leads through various channels, online, offline, face to face

Research:  Providing leads with valuable information before the sale

Documents:  Drafting offers, contracts and, presentations

Data entry:  Filling in information in the company’s database

Emails, calls:  Sending reminders, replying to messages

But at the same time, sales is actually about selling, not administration. And in order to sell well, both the sales staff and the customers must have adequate information.

A good sales person and a successful customer must have accurate information. However, sales should not spend more time updating data than on selling.

Therefore, if you want to optimize sales, you must take a closer look at the existing processes and ask yourself:

Do all these recurring tasks necessarily have to be carried out by my employees?

Clearly, the answer is No. Because automation can be a key component of optimisation.

What is Sales automation?

This process is the next step after digitalization, since it consists of software-integrated sales processes. Sales automation is nothing more than the mechanization of routine, boring activities.

This allows sales staff to concentrate on other sales-related tasks and goals. The example below illustrates this. Automation is ideally suited to sales since most processes are linear and recurring.

Enhance productivity through automated synchronization shorten customer response times (e.g. with chatbots) Increase the speed of sales.

But automating sales processes is not a new concept since the beginning of software solutions.

Let’s get to the point we want to touch: communicating, quality and time management.

The sales process starts with communicating with a defined quality between source of demand and supply within a specific time window.

Review some of the current (2021) Account, Key Account or Area Sales Manager vacations. You will, still, find phrases like:

travelling time of up to 70%…., or

are you a hunter, like closing orders and hold your nerves when travelling up to 100 days a year…

Weak points of predefined number of travelling days, or the pressure to succeed and loss of work fear which induce employees to make unnecessary customer visits

are those uneffective paid days no employer has a control of including costs and risks related to those days.

Due to COVID-19 employers have seen sales, communicating and lead generating changes. The industry quickly adopted existing technologies and gained positive feedback throughout almost any industry.

Question is:

Does the industry want to go back to those days with stressed, unproductive travelling time and customer visits?

The numbers say No.

Using Germany as an example makes it self explanatory.

Many German companies have arranged significantly fewer business trips since the beginning of the pandemic (VDR, 2021a). Instead, many meetings were held virtually, and new conference formats have spread. The cost of business travel fell significantly: while companies spent 55.3 billion euros on business travel in 2019 (VDR, 2020), it was only 10.1 billion euros in the pandemic year of 2020 (VDR, 2021b).

This is a difference of 45.2 Billion Euros and heavy pressure on the industries, mind you this is only for Germany, that will not disappear but is there to impress.

„Business critical“ travelling is the focus of almost any industry now.

Going back to our topics: communicating, quality and time management

leads us to digitalized communicating and exchange of information before travelling to a customer, increased quality of leads and almost perfect time management.

We believe a more sustainable industry is possible, and within reach.

In order to make this happen, we need to utilize existing technologies better.

Therefore we created our way of sales optimization with projects24.co

The platform allows the industry to adopt its contemporary expectations.

We focus on industry sectors by arranging better and effective business avenues, solutions & global connections, to reach out to the right target audience.

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