Service supplierProject seller
1Contract FillingF&B Start up, Pharma & Cosmetic, Biotech Formulator…
2Welding companyFood & Bev., Construction, Cosmetics etc. project owner
3Industrial installationFood & Bev., Energy, Cosmetics etc. project owner
4Industrial FlooringConstruction industy
5Suppliers of process technologyGreenfield/Brownfield project owners
6Consulting companyStart ups, Industrial companies
7Consulter Industry
8Certified welderIndustry
9Certified scientist Industry, research organizations
10Industrial designer Industry
11Software engineeringIndustry
12Automation companyIndustry
13Commercial divers Maritime industry
14Drone service suppliersAny industry
15ROV service suppliersMaritime industry


1. Post a project
Simply post a project and receive competitive bids from Industrial service suppliers.
2. Choose the perfect Service supplier
Browse Service supplier profiles. Chat in real-time. Compare proposals and select the best one. Assign your project and your Service supplier starts working.
3. Pay when you’re satisfied
Pay securely using our Milestone Payment system. Release payments when it has been completed and you’re 100% satisfied.

On Projects24.co Marketplace, you can offer your entire services portfolio or your inquiries to a global market and a wide range of verified potentials without the need of developing your own online shop or expanding marketing efforts.

Your business expansion starts here.

Projects24.co is made solely for the industrial sector’s registered companies, professional certified workers, self employed individuals with a legal entity, registration number and a valid tax number.

The Milestone Payment system is our recommended mode of paying Service suppliers on Projects24.co

It offers protection to both Companies and Service suppliers by giving equal control over created payments for assigned projects.

Every Milestone Payment that is created will have its own invoice that can be viewed. Using the Milestone Payment System also makes our  Disputes service available to you, which allows contesting the return or release of  Milestone Payments.

After agreeing with your business partner on price and milestone definitions and responsibilities you can move on creating Milestone payments.

If both parties agree on a price different than fixed price, the project owner must edit the existing project value.

Now proceed creating the agreed milestones with a title, amount, and a definition for each milestone you create. 

Want to post a project and sell your services at the same time on Projects24.co?  

Yes, your company can use the platform for both, to post a project and to sell services.

After registering you will have the possibilty to switch between a Company and a Service supplier account in your Dashboard.

In all circumstances, we strongly encourage you to resolve project issues or disputes between yourselves rather than use this service. It is provided only as a last resort should you be unable to reach a mutual agreement.


If you get to a point where you need to use it, you can find the Dispute option in the dropdown button across the Milestone Payment that you wish to dispute. Clicking Dispute will direct you to the Disputes page where you can specify the exact amount you will be disputing from the Milestone Payment and your reason for filing a dispute.

Yes, the usage of Projects24.co is free.

Create your account and then start searching industrial projects, services or companies at no cost and no risks.

Register now for free and try everything out.

In the future, we may start charging fees, smiliar to the package prices and a one digit percentage for some features and services on Projects24.co.

At that point, you will be able to decide if you further want to use those services.

You have to consider different values in order to assign your project to a Service supplier such as:

Project Budget

Project Timeline

Service Suppliers received reviews and feedbacks.


In some terms YES!

Companies around the world send out their Sales managers in order to find valuable projects to work on.


This project localization and evaluations are associated with an immense amount of time and costs for everyone involved.


Projects24.co  is here to offer the necessary B2B platform for companies to offer their industrial projects or services.


Without the need to travel projects can be identified, evaluated and be assigned to the desired service supplier.

Using the build in Chat option enables both sides to communicate, submit documents, agree on terms and conditions and finalize a deal.

That helps both sides to focus on much more important issues and reduces costs.