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  • I have over 35 years of experience as site manager, department head in the mechanical/plant engineering departments, technical and organizational assistance, special assembly, prototypes, carpentry and welding, certificates in CS exams and NDT checks and finally, 2 patents.
  • I have personally certified various companies, UNI EN ISO 9001/3834/1090/14001, becoming an expert in the procedures.
  • In the last 15 years I have dealt with quality at 360°, both with manufacturers and with contractors.
  • During these years I have managed both internal production and external supplies, combining my experience with new construction techniques, specializing in solving construction and industrialization problems, raising product quality but, above all, reducing production costs with targeted interventions from a Lean Manufacturing perspective.
  • I also played the role of Quality and Metrology Inspector organizing spaces, equipment and procedures for the good management of Control and Inspection Testing environments.
  • Where my skills have been used, I have reduced production times and raised quality, with significant benefits that can be monetized. I decided to found SQG Srl with the idea of ​​creating a reality oriented towards the solution of problems whose effects manufacturing companies often know very well even if they are unable to identify the causes, thus running the risk of seeing constant losses efficiency and effectiveness.
  • If you need experience, technical knowledge, ability to solve technical and organizational problems, implementation of product and production quality, contact me.

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