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Raven Drone Solutions is a licensed and insured drone operator located in Miami, Florida. We provide commercial drone services across various industries in all parts of South Florida. At Raven Drone Solutions, we are committed to our customers and strive to provide the best possible service while maximizing efficiency.



  • Raven Drone Solutions LLC
  • 24.03.22 - 07.07.23

● Founded Raven Drone Solutions LLC on March 24th 2022 ● Planned and flown over 150 missions totaling over 80 flight hours ● Conducted aerial photography and videography of residential and commercial real estate properties in rural and heavily populated areas ● Conducted aerial asset inspection services for insurance and powerline customers ● Assisted in hurricane relief efforts to inspect damage to powerlines post- Hurricane Ian and Nicole ● Conducted aerial asset inspection services for telecommunication companies

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