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After studying Project Management and launching into my first challenge, I realized that for any project to be successful, it was imperative that all involved needed to work as a team with direct focus being on the deliverables.

An important starting block is to set the tone of the project at the kick-off meeting where all parties involved are present. It is important to establish a rapport as well as gain the confidence and trust of the Sponsor and Stake Holders.

Steerco, Risk and Change control members are identified and meetings scheduled should be discussed at this point.

 It is vital to fully know and understand not only the company’s requirements and aspirations, but also the people you are working with and how to motivate and encourage them to give their best and enjoy the challenge with unwavering work ethic.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a team accomplish the objective with solid and dedicated leadership.

An integral part of Project Management is communications, not only with your team - but more importantly with the Sponsors and Stake Holders that need to be continuously informed on the progress of the project.

I have found that my method of “Show and Tell” greatly enhances the success of the project. This method has a positive impact on the financials of the project as problems/changes can be identified early on, thus avoiding unnecessary spend, impact and delay in completion of the project.

As with all projects there are elements of risk, which need to be identified upfront, mitigated, and continuously monitored.

Monitoring the project budget is of utmost importance and I believe in implementing and maintaining a running day-to-day cost of hours worked and expenses incurred to ensure that the project finances be kept in and under budget.

Having successfully completed one of my projects where I dealt with developers across three continents, namely Australia, USA and India, all with different time zones, working remotely was indeed a challenge, and communications was key. I am happy to say this was a huge success.

I have successfully completed numerous projects with various challenges, which have included language barriers, distance, time zones, cultures as well as a lack of dependable infrastructure with regards to electricity and technology.

I am confident that I have the maturity, understanding, people skills and experience to ensure a success of the project on which you are embarking.

I am excited at the prospect of a new challenge and it would be a privilege to be of service to you.


Program Manager

  • 01.03.17 - 30.12.22

Sucessfully managed the fiber installation for the Gauteng Provincial Government

Project Manager

  • Meridium
  • 04.03.13 - 30.12.22

Successfully managed the implementation of Asset Performance Management software



  • Damelin Business School
  • 01.03.98 - 30.10.98

Studied Project Management (PMBOK)

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