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Monitoring diving contractor and other subcontractor performance. Ensure compliance with company and sub-contractors policies and procedures. Follow company and subcontractors procedure/specifications (including pre-dive check lists etc). Verify if team is working safely at all times. Participate actively to the preparation of JSAs, MOCs and daily progress meetings. Review personnel CV’s, logbooks and certification before start of operations. Perform audit of Diving System after mobilization (Refer to IMCA D 023) Record keeping of timing of activities on his logbook, to update the project manager / OIM (Operations Manager) on progress made and problems encountered during the project. Seek advice from Project Manager / OIM when things are not clear in procedure. Verify if special operations (such as testing, flange connections) are performed correctly and the relevant data is recorded. Write daily progress reports to the Project Manager / OIM & Operations Manager Write as-built report, including photos and relevant data (pressure tests, chain angles, positions etc) upon completion of the project.


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