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Building With Youth

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NSProjects in the Interest of Developing Local Youth, Providing Growth and Employment Opportunities has Launched a Youth Development Community Initiative

Project: Build a Block

This initiative began in South Africa in the local Community of Mpumalanga Hammersdale. A Brick and Block Manufacturing Business was Established for the local youth community. The operation made simple by means of allowing the Youth to Manufacture the Brick and Block Products with an Incentive Provided for every successfully built Item.

To allow them to grow in Skill, mastering the Process of Block Production, are encouraged to set their own daily targets which simultaneously allows for Bigger Incentives paid Daily.

The Products then sold to the General Business Community, Local and Digital Public and General masses as means of obtaining funds to further develop while achieving Salary Incomes.

To date, these are the Products Manufactured

Common/Maxi Bricks Sold at R 1.80 per unit Item.

M140 Block Colours (Red, Grey, Yellow) Price (6.50-10.00) per unit item (contact for more details

M150 Block Available for Production/Order

With youth Empowerment and Growth the Objective, curbing the hard impacts on the Economic Recession on the Ground Level. Your Support with this Project and Initiative comes highly appreciated.

For More Details on this Youth Empowerment Project, Contact NSProjects


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