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Zebra mussel elimination

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The Zebra mussel gives new meaning to the phrase “invasive species.” They’re relatively small, but they breed like rabbits, and foul water systems like it’s their job. They colonize harbors, waterways, ships, boats, piping systems, water treatment facilities, and water-consuming power plants. A Zebra Mussel infestation will lead to clogged pipes and restricted flow to the point that the system will fail. Let Midco help keep your water flowing and your costs in check.


Originally from Russia, the Zebra Mussel, named for its striped shell, initially appeared in the Great Lakes region. Today, it continues to pervade different freshwater environments nationwide, including North America, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Sweden. Zebra mussels create clogs and cause costly damage to water systems. At the same time, other damaging effects on the ecosystem, such as the depletion of fish populations and the increase in bacteria on shorelines, have drawn the attention of the U.S. government.


Knowledge is power if you hope to counteract the effects of invasive colonization. The top priority is keeping larvae out of piping systems and water intakes. By keeping a close eye on the magnitude and movement of colonization, damage can sometimes be prevented. Once a colony takes root, though, elimination becomes critical.


Our certified commercial dive team performs zebra mussel elimination onsite. We employ the best of the best – highly trained and certified divers with an extensive background in the removal of this invasive species. We'll use every tool in our arsenal, including mechanical scrapers, air, sound, chemicals, and hot water. Varying levels of colonization and different types of colonized structures and damages call for a wide range of methods. Midco’s dive team stays on top of the current methods, to provide a solution that is effective, efficient, and compliant.

  • Zebra Mussel Infestations
  • Larvae Elimination
  • Colony Removal
  • Clearing Water Intakes
  • Removal of Congestion in Pipes
  • Clearing Blocked Pipes
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Clearing of Harbors & Waterways
  • Hull Cleaning of Ships & Boats

Because we work in such extreme conditions, certifications are just the start. We start with the best of the best, and if we're not diving, we're drilling, retraining, and recertifying.


Commercial diving requires a special skill set: tradesmen who welcome the added challenge of working underwater, in some of the most demanding conditions on the planet. After nearly twenty years, we have what it takes to assemble the right team for your job.


Midco is the leading commercial diving operation in the United States because we go in where few others would. Our commitment to safety, process, and protocol gets the job done. In such harsh and challenging environments, experience makes all the difference.

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