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Resin Flooring – Decorative Marble-Effect

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We specialise in Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane floor coatings and screeds (very durable and seamless flooring systems), designed for retail, factories, manufacturing, warehousing, workshops, aircraft hangers, hygienic food and medical-grade, decorative emulsion flake and marble-effect, antistatic (ESD), anti-skid, chemical resistant, safety systems, etc. 

 Decorative Flooring Properties

One of the most essential features of any commercial or retail outlet is the style and presentation of its premises. Choosing a decorative flooring solution can create a flat functional surface and a colourful environment that can contribute to the overall building design.

The prepared floor is coated with filled clear epoxy and whilst the resin is still wet, broadcast with a full scattering of the chosen coloured flakes. Once cured, the excess flakes are swept off and any sharp edges are de-nibbed before fixing/sealing the floor with a roller coat of clear epoxy such as Remmers UV100TX. The finish can be either textured or smooth and a further protective polyurethane seal coat can be applied to give a matte finish if required.

This type of flooring is very versatile and is equally at home in a busy retail environment as it is in an office or reception area. A wide range of colour combinations is available to suit any business and add that touch of colour that can have a powerful impact on the overall impression of the premises. 

Further decorative options are available including epoxies in mixed colours to create a marbling effect, and polyurethane ‘comfort floors’ laid on a bed of rubber crumb to provide a flexible but hardwearing surface in bespoke high-end properties. Their slightly more complex installation means that they are more expensive than some other options but competitive prices are available.

For more information on our range of decorative flooring options, contact our team.

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Decorative Flooring Benefits

Please find the system properties below

  • Decorative, Multi-design
  • Seamless Alternative to sheet flooring
  • Fast Curing
  • Waterproof
  • High Abrasion Resistance

  • Good Slip Resistance
  • Levels Substrates
  • Suitable for many Substrates
  • Overlay Tiles
  • Good Mechanical Resistance

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What are Heavy Duty Resin Bound Epoxy Screeds?

Heavy Duty Resin Bound Epoxy Screeds provide a sealed, continuous surface that has no odour and is ideally suited in locations that require a hygienic floor surface. It is easily installed and will remain resistant to wear and corrosion for several years. This type of flooring system also comes with the option of an anti-slip decorative finish that can be used to match existing premises and business image.

This system is perfect for use across a range of industries including food preparation areas, automotive workshops, manufacturing warehouses and more. Its tough, durable surface makes it easy to clean and slip-resistant, not to mention its professional-looking finish.

Heavy Duty Resin Bound Epoxy Screeds are ideal for creating that unforgettable first impression in an entrance lobby, dining area or even in sports facility changing rooms. Speak to our team today for more information regarding this type of flooring solution.

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Method of use as Industrial Flooring

The prepared surface is coated with an epoxy primer broadcast with quartz to provide a key. Coloured aggregate is then mixed with a clear epoxy which is applied by hand trowel at a typical depth of 6-8mm.

The method of application is similar to that for indoor use but different resins are used and the aggregate used can be any size or colour of pebble or stone (typically <10mm). Often referred to as stone carpet, this flooring system looks equally at home on a domestic driveway or a commercial walkway.

Hard Wearing Substance

Slip Resistant Surface

Wide Colour Range Available

Indoor Properties

Please see below a list of indoor properties

Resistant to Heavy Loads

Extremely hard-wearing resin that is resistant to corrosion from chemicals and oil.

Decorative Finish

Various coloured aggregates can be used to achieve a high-quality coloured floor.


A higher percentage of aggregates provides greater overall strength and depth.

UV Resistant

Chemical construction makes this surface ideal for workshops or factory floors.


A smooth, dust-free finish gives a hygienic easy-to-clean finish regardless of size.

High Abrasion Resistance

The high depth and strength options can give unrivalled resistance to continuous abrasion.

Good Slip Resistance

Anti-slip finishes can be achieved through the inclusion of specific aggregates.

Wide Colour Range

A variety of colours can be produced complete with a high-gloss finish if desired.

Outdoor Properties

Please see below a list of outdoor properties

Decorative Design

Specific coloured aggregates can be added to achieve a range of high-quality finishes.

Colour Stable

The unique chemical structure of resin ensures the longevity of colour with no fading over time.

Open Textured, Good Drainage

High-quality build structure allows moisture to pass through for efficient drainage performance.

Limitless Colours

Our wide selection of aggregate colours means there is something for everyone.

Limitless Pebble Sizes

Choose from a range of pebble sizes to achieve a perfect final result that suits your requirements.

Suitable for Many Substrates

High performance and quality are guaranteed on a variety of different substrates.

Hard Wearing

Tough and resilient, this type of flooring can stand the test of time.

Impact Resistant

Strong epoxy resin can withstand heavy repeated impact over many years.

Great for Walkways and Pavements

Hard-wearing, durable properties make this surface perfect for outdoor use.

Ideal for Tree Root Areas / Planters

Non-reactive chemical construction means no issues with plant life or nature.


Slip-resistant aggregates can be added to improve safety in specific high-risk areas.

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