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We specialise in Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane floor coatings and screeds (very durable and seamless flooring systems), designed for retail, factories, manufacturing, warehousing, workshops, aircraft hangers, hygienic food and medical-grade, decorative emulsion flake and marble-effect, antistatic (ESD), anti-skid, chemical resistant, safety systems, etc.  

Polyurethane Flooring Contractors

Floortrak is a leading installer of polyurethane flooring in the UK. Our contractors are highly experienced and will have a coating that meets your needs, aesthetics and budget.

To find out more about polyurethane flooring and if it is the right choice for you, or arrange a quote, contact our team at 01794 885 996.

What is polyurethane flooring?

Like epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring is a durable, waterproof flooring option that is regularly used in both commercial and residential settings. Once cured, it can be difficult to tell the difference between an epoxy and polyurethane floor. Still, there are many reasons why a contractor may recommend polyurethane over epoxy for your premises.

Typical Industries For Polyurethane Flooring





When To Choose A Polyurethane Floor

You need UV stability

Epoxy floors can start to turn yellow when exposed to direct sunlight over a long period. Polyurethane floors are more resistant to UV rays.

You need natural chemical resistance

Polyurethane floors are resistant to a broader range of chemicals than epoxy resin floors, including natural chemicals like lactic acid. This makes it a popular choice for food processing environments.

You need superior heat tolerance

Polyurethane floors are more flexible than epoxy resin floors, so they can more easily move with the concrete substrate during temperature changes. As such, they tend to provide better thermal shock resistance than epoxy floors, making them a good choice for commercial kitchens.

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Previous Polyurethane Flooring Projects

Heat Resistant Flooring

A heat-resistant floor is necessary for several industries that face high temperatures every day. If you’re looking for a flooring solution that won’t warp under the pressures of extreme heat, our experts at Floortrak can assist, offering cost-effective flooring options that are long-lasting and reliable in any environment.

We understand the importance of installing flooring that stands up to any kind of heat, especially if you work in a kitchen, laboratory, factory or similarly volatile environment. Our Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring offers durability and toughness, and it won’t crack under the pressure of extreme temperatures. The prepared surface is coated with epoxy primer and ensures a perfectly level finish for use in industrial areas, offering a hygienic, easy-to-clean and durable floor.

For more information about our heat-resistant flooring range or to speak to a member of our team contact 01794 885 996 today! 

Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring has several benefits

Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring isn’t just the best flooring for heat-resistant environments, it offers practical and aesthetic benefits. We can offer heat-resistant flooring in an array of stylish colour options and all our flooring is non-slip and easy-clean. Our flooring is extremely hygienic and durable against all kinds of food spillages, making it perfect for several commercial and industrial environments.

Our finishes can either be textured or smooth depending on your preference. We offer a further protective polyurethane seal coat to create a matte finish if you would like to. For more information about our flooring, or to speak to a specialist about your specific requirements, contact us today! 

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Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring Advantages

Wide Colour Range Available

Slip Resistant Surface

Hard Wearing Substance

Hygienic Easy-Clean Surface

Withstands All Temperatures

Durable Against Food Spillages

Want to find out more about our industrial flooring range? A member of our team will be happy to answer any of your enquiries! Get in touch with us at 01794 885 996.

We offer heat-resistant flooring in AmesburyAndoverBournemouthBrockenhurstChichesterEastleighFarehamFordingbridgeHampshireLondonLymingtonNew MiltonPoolePortsmouthRomseySalisburySouthamptonTotton and Winchester.


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