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Midco's submersibles are the product of many years of technological innovation, design, and product development. They are easily some of the finest pieces of equipment in the industry, and we wouldn’t trust the safety of our divers to any other device. Easy to operate and deploy, Midco's ROVs capture high-quality video to make inspections safer and more affordable.


Our certified remote operators can pilot our submersibles through some of the tightest spaces, covering every square inch with its high-def camera. Our pilots will show you exactly what they found, and the video you receive will show any evidence of corrosion, obstruction, or invasion. Particularly useful potable water tank surveys, an ROV is a great way to inspect the interior of the chamber, to both diagnose suspected issues and prevent loss of service in the future. The ROV underwater survey is a safe and effective way to put eyes inside any body of water while keeping costs down.


Maintaining the world’s infrastructure is no easy task. As structures age, they must be routinely monitored to ensure the safety of the community around them. This includes inspecting areas that are submerged, are surrounded by water or contain water. Midco employs ROVs to simplify the inspection process while minimizing risk to divers. Our agile submersibles can inspect long pipes and culverts or across an expansive area. The entire time, they capture high-quality video and still images that can be used to determine the safety of assets or kept as part of an inspection record. There’s no room for error when maintaining community infrastructure, so count on Midco to deliver peace of mind.


Regular inspections of potable water tanks and reservoirs are crucial to maintaining clean, safe water sources for the public. However, tanks and underwater infrastructure create an environment that poses a serious risk to divers and is often inaccessible to larger equipment. Combined with the waning budgets of public agencies and water districts, these obstacles can get in the way maintenance of essential infrastructure. Keeping the public safe and your systems flowing is simpler and safer than ever with a cost-effective ROV survey from Midco.

  • Inlet and Outlet
  • Overflow
  • Roof and Roof Hatch
  • Walls and Floors
  • Interior Ladders
  • Roof Vents
  • Sumps
  • Baffles
  • Columns
  • Internal Plumbing
  • Interior Coating
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Sediment Depths
  • Visual Leak Detection

Because we work in such extreme conditions, certifications are just the start. We start with the best of the best, and if we're not diving, we're drilling, retraining, and recertifying.


Commercial diving requires a special skill set: tradesmen who welcome the added challenge of working underwater, in some of the most demanding conditions on the planet. After nearly twenty years, we have what it takes to assemble the right team for your job.


Midco is the leading commercial diving operation in the United States because we go in where few others would. Our commitment to safety, process, and protocol gets the job done. In such harsh and challenging environments, experience makes all the difference.

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