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QA/QC Welding Inspection

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I am an international welding inspector, comprehensive level (IWI-C).

My field of activity as a welding inspector is:

-Techniques of non-destructive testing, mechanical testing and visual inspection of welding

-Inspection procedures and acceptance criteria

-Material specifications and metallurgy

-Specifications of consumables

-Engineering drawings, joint adjustment and workshop tolerances

-Development and implementation of welding technology procedures and specifications

-Development and implementation of inspection procedures and acceptance criteria

-Quality control programs

-Welding equipment functionality and application/limitations

-International and national standards of qualification of welders

-Identification of defects in welded joints

-Inspection requirements based on national standards and regulations


Depending of requirements in ITP document, the main tasks of the welding inspector are:

-Interpretation of documentation and specifications

-Qualification of welding technology, welders and operators

-Checking the application of approed welding technologies

-Inspection before welding

-Chemical analysis

-Mechanical properties

-Base material defects

-Double layer and cracks

-Surface defects (errors)


-Edge preparation (including root and leveling)


-Root opening (gap)


-Inspection during welding

             -Preheating and interlayer temperature

-Root passage

-Welding the root before welding the other passes

-Cleaning between passes

-Appearance of joints (sometimes comparison with workshop standard)

-Deviations from approved technology welding (current strength, etc

-Inspection after welding

             -Post Weld Heat Treatment control

-Visual testing

-Appearance of the joint surface

-Compliance of joints with documentation

-Magnetic particles testing (MT)

-Liquid penetrant testing (PT)

-Radiography testing (RT)

-Ultrasonic testing (UT)

-Leakage test

-Destructive testing

-Metallographic testing

-Making welding inspection report



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