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Dimensional Control Surveyor Inspector

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1. Projects 3D laser Scanning, Dimensional Control, Topography,Hydrographic/Offshore Surveyor, Oceanographic and Environmental Survey , Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers Acoustic Products Antenna & Accessories Current Meters Data Acquisition & Processing Systems Hydrophones & Transducers Distribution / Analyser Multi Beam Echo Sounders Oceanographic Instrumentation Positioning & Navigation Side Scan Sonars Single Beam Echo Sounders Surface Navigation Sensors, Survey Gyrocompass Thermal Graphic Recorders Underwater Motion Sensors 2. Projects Meteological Instruments Anemometers Aviation Hazmat Systems Marine Applications Weather Station   3. Projects SMS Gateway using VB, GAMBAS (under Linux) PHP, MySQL   4. Project Database Management using Filemaker Pro Analysis Data Meteological Analysis Data Tidal Managing Weather, Tidal Data with RDBMS Technology   Specialties: a. Software Developer Instrument Interface using Filemaker Pro, VB/VB.NET, PHP, Pascal,Phyton b. Instrument Environmental Survey c. Inspector Oil Gas Electrical & Instrument     5A.Software Hydrographic a. Hydropro , NavEdit& Terramodel HDMS b. CARIS HIPS and SIPS Professional 7.0 c. Kongsberg GeoSwath Plus & GeoAcoustics d. SONTEK (SonTek makes 2D and 3D ADCP/ADP Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers)   5B. Software Dimensional Control A. Autocad B. Rhinoceros 3D C. Topko Sierrasoft D. SC4W E.  Spatial Analyzer - Leica F.  Leica Cyclone 9 G. Terramodel H.  GlobalMapper I.  Surfer J.  Panotour Pro K.  Stitching 360 Panoramas - PTgui Pro L.  NaviPac, VisualSoft, NaviEdit, NaviModel   7. Instrments Topography Survey and Dimensional Control Leica-BUILDER R200M POWER Leica-TC 1203 Leica-TS06Power-3" Leica-TS15 Leica-TDRA6000 Leica-MS50 Leica-NAK2 Universal automatic level, 360° Leica-RUGBY 100LR Leica-RUGBY 400DG Leica-RUGBY 360 Leica C10 3D Laser Scanning Leica HDS 7000 3D Laser Scanning CMM MSCOSMOS Leica Tracker AT403 & ATS600   Link  

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