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Creative, Innovative, and Enthusiastic MSc student of Mechanical Engineering (with GPA 4) with proven 18-month co-operation experience as a design Engineer, and 3-month summer-Internship experience in the Manufacturing industry. Furthermore, 9-month RA and TA experience so far. Seeking to leverage expertise success through hard work, Detailed-oriented, and excellent organizational skills to join your accredited company as a Mechanical Engineer.

  1. Experience and Proficient in CAD design utilizing SolidWorks and AutoCAD
  2. Software
  3. Ability to work with CATIA, Fusion 360 software
  4.  Proficiency in MCoffice, Indesign, and Matlab
  5. Passionate about mechanical design
  6. Highly organized, able to work on multiple projects at the same time
  7. Ability to quickly learn and contribute to new projects and technologies
  8. Strong team collaboration skills work closely with team members to achieve
  9. Engineering goals, and Highly organized, able to work on multiple projects at the
  10. same time
  11. Verbal and written communication is essential
  12. Can-Do attitude, and willingness to get their hand dirty


Research and Teacher Assistant

  • Eastern Mediterranean University , Cyprus, Famagusta

Teaching AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, and MATLAB Assisted simulation with COMSOL Assisted teacher of Mechanical Engineering courses Researched new renewable methods, writing and distributing reports to the head of the research Engineer team (Supervisor).

IT Technician

  • Eastern Mediterranean University , Cyprus, Famagusta

IT Technician of Mechanical Engineering Department

Design Engineer, Co-op.

  • Rasana Rahavard Radin , Iran, Fars, Shiraz.

Collaborated with design teams to develop and implement product improvements to enhance performance. Assisted drafters with detailed machinery plans using drafting tools, computer-assisted design, and drafting equipment and software. Documented products and processes using SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and MSOffice to document release notes and designs. Researched new renewable methods, and production techniques, writing and distributing reports to the head of the design Engineer team (Supervisor).

Mechanical Engineer Internship summer.

  • Afzar kimia Fars, Iran, Fars, Shiraz.

Performed details and routine Engineering assignments involving establishes calculation, test, and analysis. Contributed to hands-on experimental work on manufacturing, and assembling components. Co-operated in analyzing, troubleshooting problems, identifying activities. Draw up, and reported the manufacturing process to the supervisor. Co-operated with the design team to design mechanical components in the AutoCAD component. Demonstrated skills in operating equipment, and machines including CNC machines, cutting machines, or the fabrication of mechanical Components.


MSc. Mechanical Engineer

  • Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus.
  • 01.02.21 - continue

BSc. Mechanical Engineer

  • National University of Engineering, Shahrekord University
  • 01.09.14 - 01.09.20

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