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I possess extensive experience in wastewater treatment system commissioning, operation, maintenance, optimisation, monitoring, troubleshooting and automation. I also have experience in managing teams of differing educational backgrounds, developing risk assessments, standard operating procedures and health-and-safety protocols. My experience as a water and sanitation prototype engineer has endowed me with a holistic understanding of systems from a chemical to electrical, electronic and automation perspective. In my experience, this “bird’s eye view” perspective has been of paramount importance to system design, optimisation and troubleshooting.

Additionally, I have strong project and people management skills and I’m further developing these through a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) qualification that I’m currently enrolled in. I am also well versed in report writing for different levels of management, presentation at conferences, data analysis, planning, liaising with laboratories, sampling and conducting wet chemistry analysis. The wastewater treatment system that I’ve been testing and improving over the last 3 years has caught the attention of local and international organizations as a candidate for commercialization. This has led to me winning multiple awards for my work on the system. I’m most proud of the Sherlock Holmes award for my heroics in investigating and successfully troubleshooting multiple mystery problems at the same time.


Water and Sanitation Engineer

  • WASH R&D Centrejavascript:void(0);
  • 02.10.17 - 15.01.22

 Spearheaded the engineering field testing of innovative wastewater treatment technologies.  Led onsite installation, commissioning and overall testing of an innovative wastewater treatment system (Anaerobic Membrane Bio-Reactor, Ultrafiltration membrane, ion-exchange resins, and electrochlorination).  Led optimization modifications on an innovative prototype resulting in improved system performance.  Debugged and modified system automation codes (C and LabView) leading to a significant reduction in system errors and system downtime.  Resolved system electrical, electronic, chemical and mechanical problems; this resulted in system down time reduction, improved system reliability and a consistently high-quality final product.  Utilized PLCs and micro-computers (arduino and raspberry pi) for process control and monitoring, and data archiving; leading to a reduction of labor through automation.  Investigated and identified system failure points and suggested solutions resulting in improved system reliability.  Undertook failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) resulting in preemptive corrective measures being implemented.  Led system maintenance resulting in improved system performance.  Undertook sampling of input and out streams of prototypes for analysis in the lab in order to glean insight in terms of system performance.  Liaised with laboratory technicians for sample analysis.  Analyzed and interpreted system laboratory results, and then drew response plans to improve system performance when needed.  Consolidated comprehensive reports for information sharing with different management levels in order to keep all stakeholders abreast of developments.  Developed system Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), maintenance plans and testing plans.  Fostered team-spirit from a team of individuals from different educational backgrounds/ specialties  Led the undertaking of risk assessments resulting in appropriate mitigation measures being put in place.  Developed health and safety protocols.  Generated and maintained a system events log in order to track all states of the system.  Contributed in strategic planning, project planning, and record keeping.  Undertook mass and energy balance calculations.  Updated process and instrumentation diagrams (PID).  Sized and selected pieces of equipment for procurement.  Authored abstracts for submission to conferences and presented at conferences. (Young Water Professionals conference).  Oversaw activities at a construction site, ensuring that all tasks were undertaken safely and according to the drawings.  Embarked on a skills transfer process with junior engineers for their training, resulting in improved junior staff performance.  Authored project proposals and carried-out financial calculations to bid for funding.  Travelled overseas to support in the build-out of innovative prototypes.

Chemical Engineering Graduate

  • Transnet
  • 01.06.15 - 31.05.17

 Led the planning of the Durban to Johannesburg multi-petroleum-product pipeline pigging project.  Investigated and identified process improvement opportunities on an Intermixture Re-fractionation Plant (IRP).  Coordinates and integrates the planning and execution of a group (cluster) of related projects, each at varying stages of inception and / or completion.  Oversees the implementation of appropriate programme management tools and systems to drive the tracking, monitoring, and measuring of cluster performance.  Coordinates in respect of the Programme Cluster in order to ensure successful delivery of the benefits and / or new capabilities.  Support programme execution by facilitating and integrating projects (and other work) within the programme, ensuring alignment and the successful delivery of new capability.  Support the programme director in the identification, measurement, tracking and reporting of cluster related benefits.  Proactively monitor cluster progress, identifying issues and initiating corrective action.  Proactively identify, monitor and treat cluster risks  Ensure that cluster outputs meet programme requirements in line with the programme blueprint, and project/programme dossier on quality, time and budget.  Initiate activities and other management interventions wherever gaps in the cluster are identified.  Produce and maintain an integrated view of overall cluster performance and progress.  Produce and maintain an integrated view of the cluster to provide a single source of information for the cluster.  Identify and align the dependencies and critical path within the cluster.  Facilitate and support programme and project relations and integration within the programme by being an active thought partner, mediator and facilitator.  Actively participate in and contribute to cluster health checks and programme level gate reviews and audits.


BSc in Chemical Engineering

  • University of KwaZuluNatal
  • 10.02.09 - 15.12.14

Master of Business Administration

  • Regenesys Business School
  • 15.02.21 - continue

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