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  • Grifols Interstate Blood Bank
  • 01.11.21 - continue

• Developed and executed strategies to better train new personnel • Review all orders and test results prepared by Supervisors and Technicians for errors. Responsible for final approval and release of test results and units to customers • Review and personally follow up on shipment errors with Management and Quality from 10 IBBI locations • Accurately complete detailed documentation as required by established procedures and good documentation practice regulations. Assist in maintaining organization and classification of archival records per standard operating procedure to ensure future retrieval • Effectively communicate with personnel from various departments and escalate issues to Quality Management and Customer Service

Quality Control Inspector

  • American Yeast
  • 08.09.20 - 19.02.21

Performs raw material testing to include molasses and mash sugar analysis, as well as concentrations for water, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide. Performs gas evolution tests as required to evaluate yeast quality and performance. Perform moisture, protein, phosphate, trehalose, starch, and salt analyses. Perform yeast cosmetic testing including color, texture, foam, and grit analysis. Performs sensory testing, odor, and taste, on baked bread. Performs finished product packaging tests to ensure conformance to specifications, including weight analysis, seal integrity, and temperature. Maintains calibrates and/or verifies laboratory equipment. Perform hydrometer testing, including Specific Gravity, Brix, and Balling. Troubleshoot and correct equipment problems.


Bachelors: Biology

  • Christian Brothers University
  • 08.08.16 - 05.05.20

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