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Hi I am pleased to learn that your company has coming employment opportunities and I feel very enthusiastic on the possible opportunities opened. Therefore, I herewith would like to apply for the position of AIR DIVER at your prestigious company. I hold ADAS (Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme) SSBA Construction Diving to 50 meters (Level 5) Encompassing ADAS Part 3 certificate from New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training, Huntly - Hamilton, New Zealand and Chamber Hyperbaric Operation. ADAS Certification is approved by IMCA (International Marine Contractor Association). And¬† I would like to pursue career in commercial diving industry. I am a hard worker, able to work in a team, and I like challenges in working. For further information and consideration, I proudly enclose my Curriculum Vitae, awards and certificate. I would very much enjoy a direct interview with you, so that you can appreciate my open and friendly nature first hand. I can be reached at mobile no: +919416678680, and email: Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation and I look forward to hearing from you soon   Sincerely Yours,     Parveen Kumar


Air Construction Diver

  • Supreme hydro Engineering pvt ltd
  • 05.11.14 - 12.01.17

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Air Diver

  • Divetech Marine Engineering Services LLC Abudhabi UAE
  • 26.02.17 - 20.09.19

Air Diver

  • Saudi Archirodan Ltd
  • 30.09.19 - 30.01.21

Air Diver

  • Global Remote Bahrain
  • 01.09.21 - 16.06.22



  • NZCDS New Zealand
  • 01.02.14 - 07.03.14

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