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With a successful career of more than six years as director/Project manager, industrial expert, founder of two companies one in construction and the other in retail. I have had an excellent academic track record leading to a PhD in mechanical engineering from a top-ranking engineering school. I have also had high level training in management. In addition to that I am trilingual, motivated and ambitious. I have the necessary assets to occupy this position with its challenges and to develop further in my career.


Director / Project manager

  • Algerian Company of Expertise (SAE/EXACT)
  • 01.11.16 - 12.01.22

- Track project costs in order to meet budget - Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan - Provide project updates on a consistent basis to various stakeholders about strategy, adjustments, and progress - Perform risk management to minimize project risks - Participating in tender process - Ensured the professional development of all staff

Industrial expert

  • Algerian company of expertise SAE/EXACT
  • 29.11.15 - 12.01.22

As an automotive and industrial expert, my mission is to: - For insurers: carry out risk inspections, assess claims, determine the circumstances of the claim, the damage caused, Define the methods and amounts of repairs, give recommendations and / or reservations, etc. - For banks: Assessment of assets for the granting of loans


PhD in Mechanical engineering

  • Ecole Nationale Polytechnique.
  • 06.01.16 - 30.12.21

Thesis: “Analysis of composite based on vegetable fibers and reinforced with nanoparticles”, very honourable distinction.

Master in solid mechanics

  • Ecole Nationale Polytechnique.
  • 02.09.10 - 30.06.15

Thesis: “Experimentation and simulation of fatigue in alternating plane bending on PMMA” Ranked 2nd with an average of 14.41/20

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