Kathy Chiu

Aerospace Engineering Graduate

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"A highly motivated graduate engineer with a solid academic record and a passion for the engineering field industry”. I have a solid knowledge of different engineering aspects such as control system design, mechanics, electrical management, etc. Has Proficient in MS Office suite, G Suite, Matlab, and 3 years academic experience in CAD modelling in AutoCAD, Fusion360 and SiemensNX.


BEng Aerospace Engineering

  • University of Sheffield
  • 24.09.18 - 08.06.21

Relevant modules include Control System Design, Electrical Engineering, Aircraft Design, Fluid Engineering, Statics and Dynamics, Programming in C# and more. Designed, calibrate and built airliner, using CAD software(Fusion 360) in the design process and achieve a grade of 80% for the project. Establish an electrical circuit using MATLAB(Simulink) to test the effectiveness of different component arrangements, showing the knowledge of electrical management and MATLAB. Operated CNC machine in manufacturing lab to produce components of a battery-drive vehicle. Successfully developed a digital twins of a physical machine using Siemens NX, TIA portal, OPC UA to demonstrate the CAD design and simulation, programming, report writing and problem-solving skills. Worked in a team of six from different engineering depart on a real-life project. Productively, deliberate solution, generated working plan, feasibility research, and delivered a presentation to university alumnus from various industries.

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