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Ø  I am a trained Lawyer, who has transitioned into the Tech Ecosystem to become a thorough-bred Agile Product Manager.

Ø  I have successfully managed 18 Tech Products ranging from B2B, B2C and B2G.

Ø  I am excited to engage in new challenges especially building, growing and supporting products and founders.  I volunteer as Lead Organizer for Product Tank Abuja.

Ø  I speak about my journey to empower new and aspiring Product Managers on LinkedIn and PM Magic Podcast.


Product Manager

  • Seamfix
  • 05.08.21 - continue

Managing and Began and Launched SeamID MVP (an ID Card Management, Printing and Issuing Portal) within my first 2 months in the Company, currenly used by a Nigerian University to issue ID Cards to all students. Led Verified through a transformational 7x revenue growth, since joining the team. Currently building an ID Verification + Face match SDK on Web, Android and iOS for businesses all over the world. Launched 4 new ID Verification API for Verified.Africa in my first 3 months within the Company.

Product Manager

  • The Cans
  • 04.11.19 - 30.07.21

Managed the entire digital transformation strategy, as well as various web and mobile software development products. Provided Technology Consulting and Digital Transformation services to International Development Organizations and Governments. Succeeded in securing 2 Technology grants for the Organization from Open Society Initiative for West Africa and Jaiz Bank Plc. Also secured a Technology Consulting contract from the Federal Ministry of Finance. Launched and Managed Products that made the Company $500+ in revenue. Managed 7 Products from ideation to growth.

Product Manager

  • Decagon & L5Lab
  • 15.11.18 - 04.10.19

Started in a Comms/Account Management role and took a chance at managing Tech products/projects and succeeded (then worked on both Product and Account Management for the Company). Successfully managed 4 Products from development to growth in 2+ years., ReportGov iOS, ReportGov Android, (launched at the Securing Our Future Event of the UN General Assembly, 2019). Pitched and Won Technical Stage software bids and EOIs for the company on Technology projects for different organizations such as African Export-Import Bank, GIZ, World Bank Group, PEBEC. Launched Products that made the company $300k+ in revenue.



  • University of Ibadan
  • 30.11.10 - 30.12.15

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