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  • We are a fully insured company providing aerial photography and video services for public and private events,  real estate, commercial real estate, crop management, construction progress and inspections employing licensed FAA Part 107 drone pilots.
  • Our fleet of drones utilize only the best and most current software to bring you quality images and videos to fit your needs.
  • Our Drone Pilots

    Jeremy Crank has always had a passion for the hobby of flying drones. He has been flying both fixed wing and quad coptors for over 10 years. He has transformed his love for flying into his full time job just by adding a camera and shooting breath taking photos and videos. His passion has transformed from flying for fun to seeing the smile on his customers faces when they take the first look at their final product.

    Why Us?

    There is no job too big or too small. We have a network of licensed and insured pilots for all your needs. Any aerial photography, aerial videos, aerial inspections, aerial search and rescue, etc... will be done profesionally.

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