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Bachelor of Science with Chemistry, 2001. Full Time from Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, India Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, 2010, Part Time from DVIT University.

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Date of Birth      : -    18/10/1978 Marital Status : -    Married Notice Period    : -     02 Month Passport No       : -     L8787818 Nationality         : - Indian Skype Id             : -       visalpatel9                                   LANGUAGE SKILL Proficient in English, Hindi and Guajarati   SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE
  • 20+ years’ of experience in both refinery and petrochemical sector which comprises operational, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Start up and shut down activities. The Major Units worked are CDU & VDU Crude Distillation, Separation of Naphtha & LPG from un stabilized Naphtha, Naphtha & Aromatics Complex.
  • I have  15 Years’ experience in DCS, SCADA & PLC….
Ø  Worked in Operational Management team for Refinery Business Units like Ø  Worked at in house LPG recovery unit which separates LPG from saturated gases generated in the refinery. Special operational experience for treating the off gases from LPG recovery unit for H2S removal where unit Having absorbers, stripper, stabilizer (de botanizer), Sponge Absorber Overhead lean gas (H2S) {Feed for ATU}. Ø  Well conversant with Work Permit System & Du Point Safety Standard. Ø  Hands on experience in Commissioning of liquid and gas loop with hydrocarbon, Adsorbent Chambers loading (Para Xylene), Catalyst loading of reactor, adsorbent loading of PSA and clay theatres loading and un loading. Ø  PFD & P&ID review & Active involvement in Preparing of Plant SOP. Ø  Working environment in Hydrogen Gas, H2S Gas, Gasoline, Hydrocarbon (Benzene, Para Xylene). Ø  Two set of Desalted for desalting crude from 60 PTB to 1 PTB. Ø  Operational Knowledge of Atmospheric, Pressure and Vacuum distillation columns and Adsorbent Tower handle. Ø  Handling experience of CDU & VDU Crude Distillation, Separation of Naphtha & LPG from un stabilized Naphtha and Aromatics Complex to get 99.9% of Benzene and 99.7% OF Para Xylene Ø Specialist Knowledge of safe operating procedure including startup & Shut down for different type of equipment like Reactors, Columns, Heaters, Pumps, Turbines, Compressors (Ex GHH borsig), different type of Heat exchangers and intermediate Tank farm area. Ø  Specialist knowledge in Fired Heaters where Technology by Petrochem USA, Natural Draft & Balance Draft heater, Fully conversant with highly advanced Burner Management System which is Dual fire burner with  115 MM Kcal/ Hr, Flare Network with LP & HP Flare KOD Drums. Ø  Have knowledge and familiar with the following Quality & Safety aspects. Ø Carrying out Risk Assessment for all Operational & Maintenance activities and ensuring safe and smooth execution and completion of the job by following various Safe Working Practices and Procedures like ‘Permit to Work’, ‘Lock Out-Tag Out’ etc. Ø Implementing quality and safety procedures such as BSC, OHSAS etc. Ø Emergency Action Plans. Ø Basic First Aid & Fire Fighting. Ø LDAR.    
ü  Certified as “ First Aider “ by M/s Gujarat  Safety Council & M/s Reliance Industries Limited ü  Attended trainings like ISO 9000:2001, EMS, OHSAS 18001, CASHe, Fire Fighting & Rescue operations ü  Got “NEAR MISS SAFETY AWARDE” in Reliance And Petro Rabigh. ü Got Award for Best Suggestion for Improving Operation Reliability & Minimize the Flaring resp. in Reliance. ü Also I got best suggestion award in petro Rabigh.
v  Team member of Pre Commissioning & Commissioning activities for different Refinery Projects v  Coordination with service department during equipment and piping Erecting. v  No load trials of rotary and Electrical drive. Compressor load trial with nitrogen and Pump trial with water. v  Lube oil flushing of Nuevo pig none and man turbo compressor lube oil lines as per vendor guidelines. v  Heater, Rector and catalyst dry out, catalyst loading and lock hopper, reduction zone calibration. v  DCS loop checking with site acceptance test and ESD logic test v  Testing Procedure of Alarms, Trip Points and Interlocks v  Testing & Acceptance of Safety relief valves as per desired set point v  Pre start up activities v PFD & P&ID of the unit.   WORK EXPERIENCE   Aug 2014 – May 2022 Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Company, Saudi Arabia {PETRORABIGH}            Sr. Operator (DCS)
  • As Sr. Operator in Naphtha & Aromatic {Plant capacity Para Xylene :- 1340KTA & Benzene:- 424KTA
  • The project technology is licensed by AXEN Technology and Control systems by M/S yokogawa.
  • Total 4 yrs. of pre commissioning and commissioning experience in both naphtha and aromatic plants. Have proficient experience in P&ID review, developing SOP’s/Review SOP’s for commissioning & Pre-commissioning.
  • Responsible for safe execution of SOP’s for all field and DCS activities like compressor/Pumps/Columns/Fired Heaters/Reactor and adsorbent tower operations.
  • Plant Specific Training in S-Oil Refinery ( SOUTH  KOREA) 06 Month for commissioning  , Pre-commissioning , start-up plant , shut-down  activities & operation DSC & Field.
     February 2008 – July 2014 Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar, India                         Sr. Operator (DCS & FIELD)
  • Responsible for Safe operations as per Standard Operating Procedure while on shop floor with close monitoring
  • Responsible for sr. operations (DCS) for the units CDU, VDU, Naphtha & Aromatics. {Crude plant capacity 650 KPBSD}
  • The project technology is licensed by UOP Technology and Control systems by M/S foxboro dcs.
  • Checking of various on line samples, Self-handling of minor maintenance jobs and Panel room operation,
  • Ensure to fulfill quality requirements of main products, various process streams, raw materials and bye products while shift operation
  • Handling of Catalyst & Chemicals as per MSDS norms
  • Ensure plant operations are under normal operating conditions at different throughputs
  • Checking & Ensuring the actual consumption of Raw material & Energy is normal
  • Actively involved in VMP Shutdown/Turnaround of largest Aromatics Plant at RIL’s DTA Refinery.
  June 2001–January 2008                   Laffans Petrochemicals Limited, Panoli, India                                                Shift In charge
  • Products manufactured : Ethoxylates, Poly Ethylene Glycol, MEG, DEG, MEA, DEA, TEA
  • Handled Materials like Ethylene Oxide, Di Ethylene glycol, Phenol, Alcohol, Benzene etc.
  • Handled Equipment / Operations : Tubler reactors, High temperature & Pressure Reactor (endothermic reaction), Ethylene Oxide tanker unloading operation, different type pumps like Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Screw, Gear & Vacuum Pumps, Ethoxy late loop reactors.
  • Routine operational work including observation of laboratory analysis & operational conditions.
  • Co-ordination with various departments like Safety, Quality, Control, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Loading-Unloading, Effluent Treatment.
  • Reporting after each shift for plant details, including plant capacity, any changes made in plant, operational condition and plant operational abnormalities.

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