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I am a highly skilled and qualified ROV Supervisor who has operated, maintained and repaired numerous ROV systems. I have developed a wide range of practical skills over a rewarding career, I’m able to remain calm under pressure while maintaining high levels of workmanship and working to strict safety standards. I have technical expertise, I’m highly organised, adaptable, able to follow complex instructions accurately with a through attention to detail. I am looking for a role that will utilise my skills and am willing to diversify to meet the current needs of the labour market.


ROV Supervisor, Pilot/Tech

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  • 07.09.06 - continue

Employment History 22/06/22 to 30/06/22 ROV Pilot/Tech James Fisher Rumic Vessel ‘Deep Sygnus’ ROV XLX Task - Overboarding and Positioning of 4xDMA (BOP Tensioners). North Sea. Short task successfully completed. 24/05/22 to 05/06/22 ROV Pilot/Tech UTROV Vessel Normand Jarnstein ROV UTROV Through-Frame Load member. Curlew and Golden Eye Fields Northsea~ THANKED BY THE CLIENT FOR MY HARD WORK. 10th Sept 21 to 24th October 2021 ROV Pilot/Tech Subsea7 Vessel Siem Spearfish. ROVs SMD Centurion Work class No’s 7 & 19 Pipelay support Diamond Cutting. Dredging and Survey. 27/06/21 to 29/07/21 Fugro Vessel Meridian Norway Position ROV Supervisor Tiger 810 ROV Mobilisation and Environmental Survey. 12/12/19 to 26/06/21 in collaboration with Solent Sky Surveys and Southsea Life Guards exploring the Potential of using Prototype Seapod ROV in a Rescue scenario’s 11/09/19 to 12/12/19 ROV Pilot Tech Vessel DSV Komodo ROV SAAB Seaeye Tiger 485 Task Deploy and retrieve Beacon, Environmental/Biological Seabed Survey to 1000msw 02/07/19 to 10/07/19 Subsea7 ROV Pilot/Tech. Vessel and Dive ROV Trials. ROV Hercules 04 Vessel DSV Seven Pegasus. Trials included Dummy Diver Rescue practice by ROV. 29/05/19 to 19/06/19) N-sea Vessel Siem N-Sea, (Built as a Research Vessel). Task-Mooring Chain replacement. ROV Panther plus. Role Day shift ROV Pilot. ROV Spec Ltd. ROV Pilot Trainer. I have bought and refurbished an Observation Class ROV. (SeaPod) ROV. I currently offer ROV Pilot training from Andark Lake. SCUBA Diving Training Center. http://www.andarklake.co.uk/ 30/07/17 to 17/08/17 ROV Pilot Tech. Vessel Deep Ocean. ROV Seaeye Lynx (Also worked with the XLX). Task Diver Support and Subsea Well Head operations. 28/06/18 to 07/07/18 ROV Pilot/Tech Constructor and Suppottor ROV’s Deepocean-client Equanor. Snorre A GVI Cable Cut and reterval-Dredging- As Left Survey. 08/06/18 to 22/06/18 Oceaneerinmg ROV Night Supervisor. Magnum 134 Blackford Dolphin Rig. Wellhead rework. Prior to 2018 I held positions as an ROV Supervisor, Pilot/Tech on multiple vessels such as N-Sea Constructor, IKM Siam Amythyst, Bibby Polaris. Pilot roles involved all usual tasks of Launch recovery, flying, maintenance and repair and ROV supervisor roles involved staff supervision, task planning and reporting. Prior to this I also held a position as a Senior Chief audiologist at NHS Hospital's. This role involved budget control and staff training. 06/10/14 to 16/10/14 DeepOcean Norway Senior ROV Pilot/Tech vessel: Edda Flora Valhall Field. Subsea IRM Pipelines. ROV Mohican 25. 09/09/14 to 19/09/14 Oceaneering. ROV Pilot/Tech. Ensco 100 Rig. Well Intervention. Magnum ROV. 30/07/17 to 17/08/17 Technip ROV Pilot/Tech. Seaeye Lynx & XLX Vessel Deep Ocean Well Head Ops/Diver Support. 01/08/14 to 09/08/14 BIBBY Remote Intervention ROV Night Shift Supervisor. UK North Sea Vessel: Bibby Polaris. Subsea Construction. ROV Comanche 20 09/04/14 to 16/04/14 Film-Ocean. ROV Night Shift Supervisor. Forties Alpha Rig North Sea Conductor Guide monitoring. VideoRay Pro 4. 06/01/14 to 09/04/14 Building Workshop for Fusion Design; Farham- Digging foundations to roofing. Second short term contract for this company. 23/12/13 to 06/01/14 Shark Subsea Services. Senior ROV Pilot/Tech. Pipeline Survey. Black Sea ROV Panther XT 944. 07/10/13 to 31/10/13 IROV. Costa Concordia salvage. Video Ray Pro 4 ROV. Survey and Diver support. Role ROV Pilot/Tech. End Client Titan Salvage 01/10/13 to 06/10/13 IROV. Mobilization Mojave ROV for Wind Farm Cable Survey end client C-Ventus. Role Supervisor. 01/08/13 to 31/08/13 ROV OP. Vessel SV Sovereign. Wind Farm Survey and cable Pull-Ins. ROV Panther Plus. Role Pilot/Tech 19/07/13 to 29/07/13 IKM. Vessel Siam Amethyst. Anchor Pre-Lay. ROV Merlin WR200 732 Role Pilot/Tech 24/04/13 to 06/06/13 Sonsub Saipem. Vessel S7000. Jacket and Bridge installation North Sea. ROV Innovator 11. Role Senior Pilot Tech. 24/12/12 to 29/12/12 CCC Vessel Pioneer II Diver Support. Position ROV Supervisor. Job ended early owing to Gas Cap entry near work site. 24/11/12 to 30/11/12 Subsea7 for Shell. Rig Swift 10 Mobilize Tiger ROV Spud Can Survey- Touch Down Monitor. 2 Person team. Position ROV Supervisor. 18/10/12 to 25/10/12 Subsea7 for Shell. Rig Swift 10 Mobilize ROV. Spud Can Survey 2 Person team. Position ROV Supervisor. This was a ‘Test run’ to explore best set up for long term project. 09/08/12 to 11/09/12 Fugro Vessel ‘Zakher Alpha’ Multi Beam and Sidescan Verifications of Sleeper positions and As Laid Pipe Line Survey-Free Span Video. ROV Tiger 854, 2 Person team: Position ROV Supervisor. 16/07/12 to 04/08/12 Bluestream BV Rig ‘Nobel A White’ Well Support/Protection Deployment. ROV’s Tiger & Panther XT. Position Pilot/Tech1 03/06/12 to 30/06/12 N-Sea Vessel ‘Constructor’ Diver Support/Survey. ROV Panther XT 902. 2 person team; position ROV Pilot/Tech. References available upon request


Post Graduate Diploma

  • London University
  • 11.11.85 - 02.07.86

Audiology Technicians Diploma. Enabled me to Join, (With experience as Senior Chief Audiologist). The British Academy of Audiology a membership that requires a Doctorate.

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